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Edward G. Rahll & Sons Inc. offers delivery to retailers and distributors throughout the Baltimore/ Washington metropolitan area and into parts of Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia. Freight charges and package minimums may apply. Please contact a member of our sales team for more information.


We now offer specialized foodservice delivery to restaurants in Howard and Harford County, Maryland. We have chosen these areas because they are most convenient to us and they are the communities in which we live. We are proud to frequent the restaurants in these areas and feel that we can provide a great service to their proprietors. Our status and tenure in the industry allows us to provide our customers with high quality product at competitive prices.

Our goal in the foodservice arena is to stay small enough to provide quality product and personal, consistent service. We assure you that if you call us during business hours, your call will be handled by a live person, and you will not be put on hold and transferred to a voicemail.


Edward G. Rahll & Sons Inc is one of the East Coast’s largest wholesaler/distributers of watermelons on the east coast. We carry many different varieties on a year round basis. For more information contact Keith Snyder.


Consumption of local produce has grown exponentially over the last several years. Supporting local farms is not only a great choice for your health and the local economy, but for the environment as well. When you buy local you are cutting down on pollution by reducing the amount of miles the product must travel from the farm to your plate.

We currently have a database of over 80 farms in MD, VA, PA, and DE, some of which we have been buying produce from for over 50 years. During the local growing seasons our warehouse can be described as a wholesale farmers market, with local varieties of all the produce you need.

We can be your one stop source for any local produce you need for retail shelves or your kitchen.


Our warehouse is open to the public during business hours so you are more than welcome to browse our warehouse and pick out your product yourself. Below is a list of our hours.

Sun-Thurs 7PM-12PM the following day
Saturday 2AM-7AM

Warehouse/ Receiving
Sun-Thurs 7PM-10AM the following day
Saturday 2AM-7AM

Office Hours
Mon-Fri 7AM-3PM
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